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FounderCatalyst was created by a team of successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and lawyers to simplify and accelerate the early-stage investment legal journey. Being founders ourselves, we have been through the highs and lows of running fast-growing businesses and have achieved successful exits to private equity. Having a catch-up one day, we reflected on what we would do differently next time around, how challenging the process of creating quality legal documents had been and yet how important it was to have them in place before larger fundraisings and exit events. We discussed the cost of lawyers on start-up (precisely when you have no spare money!) the difficulty in finding one and how frustrating and overcomplicated the whole process turned out to be.

Today, when investing in start-ups we are often approached by founders looking for trusted advice and guidance. One constant theme is founders cannot find a recommended lawyer, afford one, or even understand exactly what they need.

Another challenging area is SEIS and EIS advance assurance – founders struggle to find proven expertise to achieve this form of tax relief, key to attracting angel investors. A familiar story is how founders discover, only after starting the advance assurance process, the legal paperwork must be completed at the same time. They are then left with little choice but to pay or their legal paperwork with the same company to complete their SEIS and EIS relief forms.

So, we decided to do something about it.

FounderCatalyst was borne out of a desire to help founders, investors, advisors and funds with the legal stage of the funding raising journey.

Our mission is to be the trusted legal platform of choice, creating all of your funding legal paperwork quickly and professionally, at a fixed low price. To simplify and manage the funding process, raising everyone’s chances of success.

We are proud to say that is exactly what FounderCatalyst does.

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Meet the team

Charles Frank

Chief Legal Officer

Charles has spent the last 20 years as a successful lawyer advising many founders and investors in the start-up/early stage sectors. He has seen countless transactions through to a successful close and always strives to make the experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Outside of work, Charles enjoys military history, music and the British countryside.

Andy Jeffries

Chief Technical Officer

Andy has been building internet connected software for 27 years, working on systems for large ecommerce providers, publishers, foreign national lotteries and modern cloud hosting services. His focus is always on delivering functionality to customers, while maintaining service uptime, availability and security. Andy's long-time hobby is the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, in which he holds a 7th Degree black belt master rank.

Sam Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

Sam is an operations and delivery focused entrepreneur with 26 years of experience. Sam co-founded and exited several tech start-ups including the 17th fastest growing company in Europe 2017. Sam is a passionate Angel Investor and Board Advisor to several start-ups and established businesses. In his spare time Sam is a keen photographer and enjoys cycling, cooking and reading about crypto & hardcore physics.

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