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Looking for an alternative to SeedLegals for your funding round?

FounderCatalyst's fixed price rounds (including SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC for free) may be a better fit, potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Eight reasons why founders choose FounderCatalyst

A truly fixed fee (and it's cheaper)

If you're raising £250,000, for example, SeedLegals will charge you £2,500 under their Seed round plan. If you raise £500,000 that fee goes up to £5,000. FounderCatalyst charges a fixed £1,495 for any amount raised. Compare pricing of FounderCatalyst versus SeedLegals.

SEIS and EIS advance assurance included

A key part of raising funds from UK investors is having HMRC's advance assurance for their SEIS and/or EIS schemes. SeedLegals charge £390 for this service on top of their funding round fee (this or the SEIS/EIS compliance process is free if you sign up to their £999 annual plan), but it's included for free with FounderCatalyst's funding rounds.

Complete your funding round in just 9 minutes!

Using our platform you can complete your funding round in just 9 minutes (plus time for your investors to read and sign the documents). With among the fastest times possible, we won't be the bottleneck in your round. Watch our video walkthrough and see for yourself.

SEIS and EIS compliance process and certificates included, too

Once you've closed your funding round, your SEIS and EIS investors will be keen to claim their tax relief. To do this, you need to file SEIS and/or EIS compliance certificate(s) and then issue to each investor an SEIS or EIS certificate. We manage this process for free when you've closed a funding round with us, whilst SeedLegals charge a further £490.

Need to do (S)EIS compliance and certificates for existing investors?

You've closed an existing funding round and face a £490 charge to do (S)EIS compliance and certificates? When you join FounderCatalyst as a customer, we'll do those too (for free, of course) as our way of welcoming you.

No ongoing subscription fee

Unlike SeedLegals, FounderCatalyst doesn't force you to take out a costly subscription plan; you pay for the services as you need them and don't pay anything further until you need something new.

Access to your Data Room after the round without a subscription

If you want to maintain access to documents and data paid for, produced and stored by SeedLegals, you need to maintain an active subscription. If you choose FounderCatalyst for your funding round, you can always access everything with no further payments.

Community of founders

FounderCatalyst has a very active community of founders that communicate regularly every day offering each other support, information and collaboration.

Prices correct as of 18 March 2024, information from SeedLegals.com and FounderCatalyst's pricing page. All prices exclude VAT.

Moving from SeedLegals to FounderCatalyst is easy!

If you've already completed a funding round with SeedLegals, you can still come over to FounderCatalyst to take advantage of our features and more cost-effective pricing going forward

Add your company and any co-founders to FounderCatalyst
Import your current cap table from a SeedLegals export directly into FounderCatalyst in just a few clicks
Create a cost effective "Agile" funding round for just £995, using your existing shareholder agreement and articles

What our customers say about FounderCatalyst vs SeedLegals

  • I am doing a funding round using another legal paperwork provider but hit an issue with our SEIS/EIS advance assurance being queried. I wasn’t entirely confident in the proposed response to HMRC and someone recommended I speak to the FC team. They helped me to improve my response and their support led to a positive response. Amazingly helpful and knowledgeable team, even for someone who wasn’t a customer. I've recommended them to colleagues already and will be switching to FC for our next round!

    Nicola Telford
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Views For Change
  • FounderCatalyst was incredible to work with from start-to-end for our pre-seed round. They were meticulous, prompt to reply, and handled numerous customisations. I've used other legal services and platforms which came up too expensive and prone to errors. FounderCatalyst is miles ahead in terms of service, value-for-money and legal expertise.

    Jaron Soh
    Co-founder & CEO
  • I had a really important meeting with an investor and had realised my cap table needed adjusting since we had made a few changes in the last few months. We had been using another platform for our documentation, but unfortunately, time was of the essence, and I needed something I could send on ASAP, I needed help with it and unfortunately, this was not something they could provide. My first thought was of Sam. I have known Sam for the last few years whilst building Bezzelle and knew that he was someone who could potentially save the day, I can confirm not only brilliant with all things funding, also a super nice guy too! Awaiting the outcome of the investment meeting but he has a new customer for our next funding round! (Sorry in advance for all my share related queries!)

    Heather Egan
  • We moved to FounderCatalyst from their rival after our first round - the fee structure in FounderCatalyst suited us much better and the support provided by the FounderCatalyst team has been excellent. They have an automatic tool to import our CapTable and we were up and running within minutes. My next round will cost about a third on FounderCatalyst.

    Catherine Ann Reid
  • FounderCatalyst is a must for ALL businesses looking to raise capital. As a qualified accountant even I struggle with the legalities, paperwork and even dealing with HMRC to obtain advance assurance. FounderCatalyst removes all these headaches and unlike their competitors the co-founders are always on hand to provide valuable support every step of the way. Quite simply they have become an invaluable 'department' of my business and I'm very grateful to be working with them.

    Nicholas Charles
    Danti Holdings Limited
  • We had a quote from SeedLegals for nearly £9k to do our ASAs and you offer amazing ASA templates and supporting documents for free. Genuinely crazy!

    Alex Simpson
    Fuze applications

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