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Free stuff for your company's legal needs

Advance Subscription Agreement

We are releasing an SEIS/EIS compatible ASA for free to allow founders to make use of the enhanced 2023 limits right now. ASA functionality will be built into the FounderCatalyst platform shortly. To support the use of the ASA, we include Board Minutes and Shareholder Resolutions required to authorise the issue of the ASA.

Inverse Funding Pitch Deck

The great folks at Inverse Funding have shared their amazing template pitch deck model for free. Oh, and also a really useful pitchdeck scorecard too.

Founder Collaboration Agreement

The founder collaboration agreement records the intent of the founders on a number of key items. The process of writing the agreement will cause the founders to think about, discuss and (hopefully!) agree on the key decision points.

Valuation Calculator & Guide

Our amazing partner, Activate Ventures, has a great Excel worksheet full of start-up valuation calculators (including Berkus, Scorecard, DCF and more)...and they've let us share them below.

Quick Valuation & Dilution Calculator

Need to quickly calculate the relationship between pre & money money valuation, investment % and investment amount? Look no further.

Fundraising Glossary

Stressed with making sense of all the legal jargon for a funding round? This glossary of terms is for you

Term Sheet

Investors asking for a Term Sheet? No problem, just sign up to FounderCatalyst for free and we'll produce a customised Term Sheet in 30 minutes or less.

Forecast Model

Our 'minimum viable forecast model' is simple and easy to tailor to your business. Even better, we've never had queries from HMRC on this during the advance assurance process.

CapTable Modelling Tool

Our customisable CapTable modelling tool is perfect to understand how a CapTable changes from incorporation to exit.

Ultimate guide to your funding round

Want to know how to go from bright idea to fully funded? Our detailed guide walks you through the process, step by step.

Nineteen ways to make your start-up uninvestable

This checklist summarises the key ways we regularly see founders making their investment opportunity unattractive. Useful to validate that you aren't making these common mistakes.

Undertaking a share split

Many founders need to undertake a 'share split' before they can undertake a funding round. Below is our guide to achieving this and a Shareholder Resolution that should be signed by all existing shareholders before you do so.

Advisor Agreements

A set of agreements you can use to incentivise advisors with vesting shares whilst protecting your IP and providing market standard confidentiality, GDPR obligations and conflict of interest clauses.

Employment Contract and Offer Letter

Ready to hire your first employee? Our offer of employment letter and associated contract are a great start. Don't forget to register for PAYE, get employer's liability insurance in place and sign up to a workplace pension too!

Contractor contract and Side Letter

Want to take on a Contractor? Then use this contract and optional side letter (between you and the contracting individual) to ensure everything is legally covered.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Also known as a confidentiality agreement, this legally binding document ensures that any information you share with the other party is treated as confidential.

Preaction Protocol Letter

Having trouble with a customer not paying or a supplier not delivering? This letter is a template pre-action letter which acts as a formal 'final warning' that you are taking the matter to the next stage.

Board Minutes for Appointment of a Director

You can appoint directors using the AP01 form, which is available to file at Companies House online, but beforehand you must hold a board meeting to formalise the appointment. The document below allows you to document this board meeting.

Board Minutes for creation of unallocated option pool

Board minutes to authorise the creation of an unallocated option pool. Should be used in circumstances where a company is using model articles and has no existing shareholders' agreement or similar - otherwise you may also need to seek shareholder approval.

Statutory Books Templates

Statutory books (AKA statutory registers) templates, for free.

Example Investor Majority Consent Letter

A template Investor Majority Consent letter, used to seek permission from investors to undertake any of the items covered by Schedule 5 in the FounderCatalyst SSA.

Example waiver of pre-emption rights letter

A template waiver of pre-emption rights letter, used to confirm that your existing shareholders have forfeit their right of preemption and therefore do not wish to participate in an imminent issue of shares.

Other resources we'd recommend

Pre and post money calculator

A handy little calculator for working out pre/post valuation, dilution percentage and so on.

Seedrs Valuation calculator

We often see that the valuations are more generous than market standard, but it's a useful litmus test in any event.

NED appointment letter

A best practice Non-Executive Director (NED) appointment letter template, for free.

qLegal Resources

Amazing free resources from Queen Mary, University of London's qLegal team


A free investment search engine to help find investors interested in your domain.

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