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Frequently asked questions

Below, you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most by founders using our service. If you have any additional questions, please hit the chat button or email us at help@foundercatalyst.com.

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What is a Founder Collaboration Agreement and why do I need one?

You offer an option to make paperwork compatible with B Corporation - what is that?

What are the various roles on the FounderCatalyst platform?

What is the ‘invite your advisor’ feature and how does it work?

Can I afford your services, as lawyers have a reputation for being expensive?

How can your service be so cost effective and still high quality?

How do I change my address or other account details?

How do I manage potential investors and make sure my company and ideas are protected?

Will I need to get any additional legal documents to complete my funding round?

Are there any hidden costs?

Can you really complete the documentation in as little as 30 minutes?

What is a data room?

What is FounderCatalyst's Intelligent Data Room?

What exact documents do you produce?

Why do I need the option of founder, balanced and investor friendly documentation and what are the differences?

How do I get help if I need assistance?

I have a pitch-deck, financial models, a business plan and other confidential documents. Where can I store them and how can I manage access to them?

What about if my investor or I want to make specific changes to any of the terms and conditions in the documents produced by my Intelligent Data Room, can I do this?

How long will it take for you to create all of my documents? I know it can be a slow process and I do not want to risk losing my investors.

I have pitched to many investors. How do I know which ones have seen my term sheet?

How secure is your service and my Intelligent Data Room?

Can I remove a potential investor from the process and stop their access to the Intelligent Data Room?

What is a warranty and how does the disclosure process work?

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