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PRESS RELEASE: FounderCatalyst adds lawyer/advisor functionality

Written by
Sam Simpson
Last updated
19th May 2021

FounderCatalyst, a company which helps UK start-ups to quickly and professionally create all of their early stage equity funding legal paperwork, today adds lawyer/advisor functionality to the platform.

This new functionality has been driven by a demand from lawyers and other advisors who want to use the FounderCatalyst platform to support their business. The platform works by automating the legal documentation and transaction management process, removing much of the cost associated with document production, deal management and administration. This frees up an advisor’s time to focus on delivering a high quality, low cost transaction to their clients, whilst retaining profitability and competitiveness.

The FounderCatalyst platform creates all of the documents typically produced by advisors in an equity funding round, including a term sheet, founder service agreements, a subscription and shareholders' agreement and articles of association (see https://foundercatalyst.com/for-advisors-lawyers for a full list). The cost of the service is fixed at £1,495 (ex VAT) per funding round, with no limit on time or the number of document changes.

Charles Frank, Chief Legal Officer said:

It’s fantastic to be able to offer advisor functionality within the FounderCatalyst platform. Allowing lawyers and other advisors to work with founders through the online process will be invaluable for everyone concerned and facilitate collaboration in early stage transactions that, in many cases, would not otherwise be achievable.

Notes to Editors:

To discuss the FounderCatalyst service in more detail please contact Sam Simpson on sam@foundercatalyst.com or 07866 726060.

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