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Our site is designed to make the process of raising funding easy to perform, but if you want to watch us run through the various processes, we've recorded a set of videos for you to watch at your leisure.

1. Founders

From zero to completed funding round for your company in less than 9 minutes

Using Boost to promote your funding round to potential investors

Further funding rounds (including agile funding)

2. Investors

Join a funding round as an investor

Try us for free with no commitment

You can start a funding round in minutes with a free FounderCatalyst account, experiment with our service and see how easy it would be to save time, money, and emotional resources by using FounderCatalyst when raising your next funding round.

You can see a sample of the paperwork we'd generate, invite colleagues to act as investors, and truly experiment with how easy we make it. Then cancel the experiment round when you're ready to start a real one!