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Winning Big with BrewDog's Investment for FounderCatalyst Client, Emma Horton

Written by
Sam Simpson
Last updated
8th June 2023

##We're delighted for our client, Emma Horton for winning big with BrewDog's CEO, James Watts' investment into her business, UNCOUTH!

Recently our CEO, Sam, was encouraging Emma to dare to dream and apply for BrewDog's The Next Unicorn Competition with the chance to win £1m investment into her start-up.

And, rolling the dice on applying for this competition has paid off for Emma!

James Watt said, "The Next Unicorn has been such a brilliant project so far, we had 780 fantastic businesses apply and narrowing this down to the final 20 and then the final 5 was incredibly difficult.

I am delighted to announce that I have invested an initial £1m across all 5 of the finalists.

I had intended to only invest in 3 of the businesses and send 2 home empty handed but all 5 finalists were so brilliant that I felt I simply had to back them all.

What’s really exciting is that very soon members of the public will be able to invest in these outstanding businesses too. Each of the winning companies is available on Crowdcube, where people can invest pound-for-pound on the same terms as me."

Soon, James will share more information on how others can invest in Emma's revolutionary and science-based skincare business, Uncouth.

Please take a look at Uncouth's Crowdcube link [here] (https://www.crowdcube.com/early-access/uncouth)

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