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For founders raising investment -
your legals and investor management, done

When raising investment for your business, we understand that the legal journey can be slow, frustrating and expensive. For a fixed price of £1,495 (excluding VAT), the FounderCatalyst platform not only quickly and professionally creates all of your legal paperwork, but also helps to manage your investor engagement. Powered by our unique, secure Intelligent Data Room, your legal journey becomes simple, saving you time and money with no compromise on quality.

It's all about supporting you and your company

All this for free, just by signing up

Your own professional tailored company term sheet
A secure data room to upload supporting material, such as your pitch-deck, business plan and financial models
The ability to invite investors to access your documents and term sheet in your data room in a safe and secure way
Non-disclosure agreements signed by investors before they view your company information
Watermarked versions of your legal documents which you can check before you commit to pay
We know what you are thinking

With no compromise on quality

FounderCatalyst was borne out of a desire to help founders with the legal stage of their funding journey; to simplify and accelerate the process and boost the chances of success.

Our mission is to create all of your funding legal paperwork quickly and professionally, with no compromise on quality, all at a fixed low price.

FounderCatalyst's services and support has been instrumental in guiding us through the intricacies of SEIS/EIS advance assurance and our legal paperwork, including clarifying the legal jargon. This has significantly contributed to our early stage growth.

Taliesin Horton-Horsman

Co-founder, TouchImmersion Limited

Choosing a solicitor can be difficult and they’re expensive, so what’s the answer?

Fixed price specialist legal documents without the excessive fees

When raising investment, a big hurdle is finding a lawyer you trust to produce all of your legal documents, quickly, efficiently and at the right price. It's often a slow and frustrating process. To make matters worse, it soon becomes obvious that the documents are produced from templates – so, why does it cost you so much and take so long?

Here at FounderCatalyst, we have all been successful founders or lawyers and have had similar experiences. So, we asked ourselves: "is there a better way?”. The answer was "yes" and we decided to do something about it. FounderCatalyst was born.


Just read our testimonials - we are there for you.

Fixed price

For a fixed price, we create the legal documents that you and your investors need.

Intelligent Data Room

All of your documents and forms are held in your secure Intelligent Data Room, which is controlled by you.


You want non-standard clauses, not a problem.

From start to finish in as little as 30 minutes

Your legal journey starts with the first step

The whole platform has been designed around you; to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible. Uniquely at FounderCatalyst, your whole journey is powered by your secure Intelligent Data Room. All of your documents and forms are held there.


First, sign up for an account to start creating your free term sheet and to access your Intelligent Data Room. Don't worry, the term sheet is not legally binding, but any potential investor will expect to see the terms you are offering in this format.

You and your company

Next, you need to enter your company's details and information about your funding round. Once this is completed, you can view and download the term sheet from your Intelligent Data Room.

You control access

You then decide who can access your Intelligent Data Room. Importantly and uniquely, your Intelligent Data Room allows you to upload supporting material such as a pitch-deck, business plan and financial models. Once you are ready to do so, you can invite investors to review this information.

Protecting you and your business

For your protection and as part of our automated process, any potential investor you invite onto our platform must sign a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement before they can view any of your sensitive business information. They must also sign an Investor Disclaimer. Once they have signed, you are automatically notified.

Agreed and signed

When all of the legal documents have been agreed and everyone is happy to proceed, your final documents are produced and stored in your Intelligent Data Room. You and your chosen investors then electronically sign all of the documents. You will be automatically notified once signing is complete and your legal journey for the fundraise is at an end. Congratulations!

Start your journey now

I am a distiller of award-winning gins that are stocked in places like Harrods, but I know little about the funding paperwork and requirements.  FC helped me to efficiently produce my funding paperwork in 2 days and I got SEIS advance assurance in less than two weeks.

Pete Lumber

Master Distiller and Founder, Lumber Distillers Limited

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