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Improve investor engagement with new 'Boost' functionality

Written by
Sam Simpson
Last updated
4th October 2022

Today, 4th October 2022, FounderCatalyst is announcing the launch of a new feature, Boost, which enables founders to host, and share, everything potential investors need prior to inviting them formally to a funding round.

The new functionality enables start-ups to share details of their company, pitch deck, video content, founder bios and details of the raise by creating a bespoke, professional landing page, which is easily shareable as a link or QR code.

While many founders struggle to keep track of investor names, status and progress during raises, the FounderCatalyst “Boost” functionality enables founders to keep details of the round updated in real time to ensure no investor has out of date information. Founders can also track who has accessed the page, and investors have the opportunity to express their interest directly to founders in one click.

Sam Simpson, CEO at FounderCatalyst and angel investor said:

Once a founder has pulled together all the documents they need for a funding round, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to track and monitor who has the information and how things are progressing. That’s why we’re introducing our “Boost” platform, so founders will no longer have to spend their time tracking and can instead focus on the job at hand. In short, we keep all of your investor engagement in one place so you never lose track of vital connections.

The Boost platform functionality includes:

FounderCatalyst is the only cost effective and fixed price way of undertaking a funding round, with no monthly fees, hidden costs or commission. Our mission is to be the trusted legal platform of choice, creating all the necessary funding legal paperwork quickly and professionally, at a fixed price of £1,495 (excluding VAT) irrespective of how much you are raising.

You can see an example Boost page here: www.foundercatalyst.com/boosts/example

Founders can access their customised Boost page for free by creating an account in minutes.

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