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Family and Friends

A Family and Friends investment is a form of crowdfunding in the investor world. It refers to equity the business owner(s) offer to family, friends, or other investor associates that aren't at arm's length.

Financial Conduct Authority a.k.a. FCA

In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority, the FCA, is the regulatory body for ensuring that financial markets are fair, honest and competitive.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme a.k.a. FSCS

This scheme protects bank deposits up to £85,000 in the event of the bank you or your company saves with in the event that the institution goes out of business.


Fintech, short for “financial technology”, is the technology that provides financial services or products to customers.

Forecast Model

Businesses use forecast models to predict future outcomes, such as sales, consumer behaviour, supply and demand.


A founder is a person who starts a new business.

Founder Collaboration Agreement

A Founder Collaboration Agreement is a contract between founders in a company that defines their business relationships. Each founder's rights, duties, liabilities and responsibilities are set out in this document.

Founder Service Agreement

A Founder Service Agreement is an employment agreement between a Founder and their company.

Funding round

A funding round is when a business, including a startup, raises money from one or more investors.