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A company or business valuation is a process of estimating the current economic value of a business.

Value Proposition

In marketing, a value proposition is a company's promise to a customer or market portion, an easy-to-understand statement designed to make what the company is selling attractive to customers.


Alias of Venture Capital


Alias of Venture Capital Trust

Venture Builder

A Venture Builder is a company that systematically builds start-ups, helping them progress and succeed.

See also: Incubator Accelerator
Venture Capital a.k.a. VC

Venture Capital, VC, is a type of private equity financing usually for start-ups and small businesses with a capability for substantial growth.

Venture Capital Scheme for Advance Assurance a.k.a. VCSAA

This was a form required to complete and submit to HMRC along with a broader advance assurance submission. From October 2022, the VCSAA was no longer necessary. The government replaced it with a single application form, available here.

Venture Capital Trust a.k.a. VCT

VCT, or “Venture Capital Trust”, is a type of private equity financing listed on the London Stock Exchange, raising money to invest in creative, young and usually privately owned companies. To encourage investors and these companies to grow, the government offers VCT investors tax reliefs.

See also: Venture Capital Scheme for Advance Assurance

Vesting is the opposite of Reverse Vesting. For example, share will vest and be issued to a person who hits KPIs or remains in the business for a defined period of time.

See also: Cliff Reverse Vesting
Voting rights

A voting right is a right a company gives to shareholders, which allows them to vote on certain corporate policy matters.