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Alias of Initial Coin Offering

Impact Investing

Impact investing is investing in an entity aiming to create specific social or environmental benefits whilst getting funds in return.


The process of registering a new limited company.


An organisation that helps start-ups and entrepreneurs by giving support, resources and networks that they otherwise couldn't easily access. Typically, they help startup companies and individual entrepreneurs develop their business by providing a range of services, including management training, office space and sometimes venture capital financing.

See also: Accelerator Venture Builder

A legal basis for compensation of loss that provides investors with a higher degree of recoverability.

Information Commissioner's Office

Information Commissioner's Office, or “ICO”, is the UK's independent public body to uphold peoples’ information rights.

Information Rights

Information Rights are rights of shareholders, usually investors, to receive information relating to the business.

Initial Coin Offering a.k.a. ICO

A company seeking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service can launch an ICO as a way to raise funds. An ICO is a 'novel' form of investment and not compatible with SEIS/EIS.

Initial Public Offering a.k.a. IPO

Initial Public Offering, or IPO, is when a company first offers to sell shares to the public on a regulated investment exchange, such as the Alternative Investment Market (or “AIM”).

Institutional Investor

An Institutional Investor is a business or body investing on members' or clients' behalf.

Intellectual Property a.k.a. IP

IP, Intellectual Property, is something created by the mind. For example, this could be a story, physical invention, art, or design. These are legally protected and owned by a business. IP can be protected via a number of methods, including patents, registered designs, copyright and patents.

Intellectual Property Assignment a.k.a. IP Assignment

An Intellectual Property (“IP”) Assignment is when someone legally transfers ownership of something created by the mind to someone else.

Investment Round

An investment round lets a startup or growing company trade ownership/equity for investments from investors.


An investor is a person, organisation or other entity that commits money to another organisation or person, hoping to make a profit.

Investor Director

An Investor Director is a director of a company chosen by the investors to represent their interests on the Board of Directors.

See also: Investor Investor consent rights

Alias of Intellectual Property

IP Assignment

Alias of Intellectual Property Assignment