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Market Opportunity

A market opportunity is a customer need that a business can use to grow and which competitors' products or services aren't fully addressing.

Minimum Viable Product a.k.a. MVP

A Minimum Viable Product, or “MVP”, is a basic product version that is useful enough for customers. However, the creators can improve it in the future. Company founders often use a Minimum Viable Product to get feedback from initial customers for adapting the product in the future.

Most Favoured Nation

A Most Favoured Nation, or “MFN”, provision results in no shareholder getting better treatment than another . This is often seen in ASAs.


Business valuers use a multiplier to multiply the company's profits to show its value. For example, a multiplier could be 1, 2, or 3, which means the valuer could multiply one of the numbers by the business's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) to get a valuation.


Alias of Minimum Viable Product