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National Security and Investment Act

A UK specific law introduced in January 2022. Under the NSI, the UK government can now scrutinise and intervene in certain business acquisitions that they deem could harm the UK’s national security - they can impose certain conditions on an acquisition, and in rare cases may even reverse or block an acquisition completely.

Nominal Value

The nominal value of a share is its basic value on issue, as determined by a company’s shareholders, excluding any “share premium” that reflects its market value. A share’s nominal value is often £1, 10 pence or 1 pence, but can be any amount.


A partnership, company, or person trusted to hold assets on behalf, and at the direction, of someone else.


Non-dilutive funding is when a company takes new funding that does not result in the dilution of shareholder equity holdings.

Non-disclosure Agreement a.k.a. NDA

A Non-disclosure Agreement is a legally binding contract that requires its signatories to not disclose specified information to anyone else.

Non-executive directors a.k.a. NED NXD

Non-executive directors can be essential for carrying out corporate governance within companies. NEDs are directors who are not employees of the company and are usually independent of the business and the personal interests of its executive directors. They provide independent insight, constructively challenge, offer strategic advice and guide/manage executive directors.


Where a person agrees not to solicit a company's clients or staff after leaving the company.