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Alias of Research and Development Tax Credit


A capital raise is a business's strategic process to fundraise the money needed to grow a start-up. Also known as an “investment round”.

Recurring revenue

Recurring revenue is the amount of a business's revenue that's predicted to continue over time.

Research and Development Tax Credit a.k.a. R&DTaxCredit

Research and Development Tax Credit is a UK government incentive to reward businesses for investing in research and development innovation.

Restrictive Covenant

A restrictive covenant is a contract that restricts the way a person can act. For example, it could prevent a departing founder from working in a competitive business for a defined period of time.

Reverse Vesting

Reverse vesting happens when someone’s shareholding is taken from them if certain things happen. For example, if they don’t hit KPIs, or leave the business.

See also: Vesting

In the start-up world, the runway is how long a business can keep going before the money runs out.

See also: Burn rate